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MT5 Trading Platform

Unlock the Full Potential with MT5 Trading Platform

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) stands as the pinnacle of trading technology, empowering traders with advanced tools and unparalleled access to the financial markets. At FX Live Capital, we integrate the MT5 platform to ensure our clients experience seamless and efficient trading.

For personal computers and smartphones

9 Reasons to Choose MT5

Advanced Charting
Gain deeper insights with comprehensive charting tools, allowing you to analyze market trends with precision.
Multiple Asset Classes
Trade forex, stocks, commodities, and more, all from a single platform, diversifying your investment portfolio effortlessly.
Algorithmic Trading
Utilize expert advisors (EAs) and automated trading strategies to execute trades with speed and accuracy, even in volatile markets.
Enhanced Timeframes
Access a wide range of timeframes, from minutes to months, to suit your trading style and preferences.
Market Depth Information
Dive into market liquidity and analyze price dynamics with access to market depth information.
Advanced Pending Orders
Set up various types of pending orders, including buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, and sell limit, to execute trades at your desired price levels.
One-Click Trading
Execute trades swiftly with one-click trading functionality, ideal for seizing opportunities in fast-moving markets.
Built-in Economic Calendar
Stay informed about key economic events and their potential impact on the markets, helping you make informed trading decisions.
Customizable Interface
Personalize your trading environment with customizable charts, indicators, and layouts, tailored to your unique trading preferences.

Enjoy a High Performance and Low latency environment

Low latency is important in forex trading due to the facte it enables faster and more efficient trade execution, reduces slippage, enhances the effectiveness of algorithmic trading strategies, provides a competitive advantage, increases the profitability of high-frequency trading, and improves risk management.

We back up! Stable connectivity with minimal latency from every point of the world.

Different Order Types

Fill Policy

Instant Execution

Execute trades at the current market price with no requotes, ensuring swift order execution.

Market Execution

Fill orders at the best available market price, providing you with optimal trade execution.

Request Execution

Submit orders for manual review by our trading desk, giving you control over order execution.

Protection Orders

Stop Loss

Set predefined price levels to limit potential losses and protect your capital.

Take Profit

Specify target price levels to secure profits and automatically close positions when reached.

Pending Orders

Buy Stop

Place an order to buy an asset at a price higher than the current market price.

Sell Stop

Place an order to sell an asset at a price lower than the current market price.

Buy Limit

Set a buy order at a price lower than the current market price, anticipating a price increase.

Sell Limit

Set a sell order at a price higher than the current market price, anticipating a price decrease.

Technical Trading Features

Technical Indicators

Access a wide range of technical indicators to analyze market trends and identify trading opportunities.

Chart Patterns

Identify chart patterns such as triangles, head and shoulders, and flags to anticipate future price movements.

Fibonacci Tools

Utilize Fibonacci retracement and extension tools to identify potential support and resistance levels.

Custom Indicators

Create and install custom indicators to tailor your trading strategy to your specific requirements.

Mastering MetaTrader: Your Questions Answered

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, mastering MetaTrader is essential for success in the financial markets. Here are answers to some common questions.
  • Downloading MetaTrader

    To download MetaTrader, visit an FXLIVECAPITAL’s website that offers it. Installation is simple: execute the downloaded file and follow the prompts. Versions are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

  • Cost of Using MetaTrader

    MetaTrader itself is free for individual traders. Keep in mind, trading costs such as spreads and commissions may apply, as well as fees for any extra services or tools from FXLIVECAPITAL.

  • Setting Up a Trading Account

    Register with FXLIVECAPITAL to open your trading account. Once registered and funded, you’ll receive credentials to access MetaTrader.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

    FXLIVECAPITAL enables cryptocurrency trading on MetaTrader 24/4.

  • Understanding Expert Advisors

    Expert Advisors are automated systems that trade on your behalf on MetaTrader based on set parameters, facilitating automated trading.

  • Installing Custom Indicators

    To install custom indicators, place the files into MetaTrader’s ‘Indicators’ directory. After restarting the platform, the indicators will be available in the navigator.

  • MetaTrader on Mobile

    FXLIVECAPITAL provides MetaTrader apps for both iOS and Android, available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Practicing with MetaTrader

    Yes, FXLIVECAPITAL offers demo accounts that simulate real trading on MetaTrader, allowing you to practice without financial risk.

Ready to Trade? The Markets Await You!

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