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Imagine a future where your aspirations— be it the latest smartphone, a cozy apartment, or a serene retirement— are not just dreams, but achievable realities.

Our Investment Programs

Investment Plans offer you a golden key to this future. With their simplicity, convenience, and minimal time commitment, they stand as your steadfast ally in navigating the path to your financial goals. At LIVECAPITAL INVESTMENTS we look through what our community deserve believing in making high-return investment opportunities accessible to everyone.


Steady Growth
  • 12% to 14% Yearly Return
  • Minimum Days Holding: 180 days
  • Minimum Investment: $250
  • Liquidity Access: Weekly withdrawals (returns)
The SMARTLIVE Program is the perfect blend of security and profitability. Offering steady returns of 12% annually, this program is designed to deliver consistent growth with minimal risk.
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Higher Returns with Balanced Risk
  • 18% to 20% Yearly Return
  • Minimum Days Holding: 360 days
  • Minimum Investment: $500
  • Liquidity Access: Weekly withdrawals (returns)
Designed for investors ready to take on more risk for higher returns, the GROWTHLIVE Program offers an enticing return rate, balanced with strategic risk management to maximize your investment potential.
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Higher Returns with Balanced Risk
  • 24% to 28% Yearly Return
  • Minimum Days Holding: 360 days
  • Minimum Investment: $2000
  • Liquidity Access: Weekly withdrawals (returns)
Reach for the highest with MAXLIVE Program, caters to those who are willing to embrace higher risk for the prospect of the highest returns in our suite, ranging from 25% to 28% annually.
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Up to 35% Yearly return starting from $50000
 Up to 40% Yearly return starting from $100000

Key benefits you enjoy as an investor in LIVECAPITAL INVESTMENTS

Diversified Investment Opportunities
Access to a wide array of investment opportunities across different asset classes, sectors, and geographies not easily accessible to individual investors.
Professional Management
Benefit from the expertise of experienced investment managers who have the knowledge and skills to make informed investment decisions.
Potential for Higher Returns
The investment strategies including the use of leverage and derivatives, can offer the potential for higher returns compared to traditional investment vehicles.
Liquidity Access
the specific liquidity provisions provide a structured and flexible way for investors to access their funds, based on the program they choose.
Alignment of Interests
As your partner in financial freedom, your success is our only path to achievement. Therefore, we are fully dedicated to our singular goal: your success.
Educational Resources and Support
We elevate your investment experience by keeping you informed about the latest market trends and stages. Our commitment is to empower you with knowledge.

Starting with as little as $250, you can embark on a journey towards financial growth and stability.

Realize Your Investment Ambitions

No matter the nature of your aspirations or the duration of your investment journey, our tailored solution is designed to guide you towards your goals, one milestone at a time.

New Electronic Device

Dreaming of owning the latest products at next year’s launch? Begin by investing small amounts now, enabling you to make the purchase immediately upon release.


Dreaming of your next getaway or a globe-trotting adventure? Begin crafting your travel plan today to turn those dreams into reality!


Create a diversified portfolio with a focus on lower risk, and commit to consistent investing to ensure a tranquil retirement.


Start by establishing a solid savings foundation and strategically investing to accumulate the funds needed for a down payment on your dream home.

Our carefully curated investment programs are designed to cater to diverse investor profiles, from those seeking steady growth to those aiming for maximum returns.

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Refer and win even more! Get access to limitless opportunities to boost your returns whenever your friend invest through your referral code.

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