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Steady Growth


At FXLIVECAPITAL INVESTMENTS, our SMARTLIVE Program is meticulously designed for investors seeking a balanced approach to wealth accumulation. With returns ranging from 12-14% annually, this program offers a solid foundation for your investment portfolio.

Account Features

  • 12% to 14% Yearly Return
  • Minimum Days Holding: 180 days
  • Minimum Investment: $250
  • Liquidity Access: Weekly withdrawals (returns)

How It Works

Investing in the SMARTLIVE Program (Steady Growth) means joining a strategy focused on a diversified portfolio that balances stocks, derivates, bonds, and other securities to mitigate risks and ensure steady returns. Our team of experts constantly analyzes market trends to adjust the portfolio, optimizing for performance and security.

Why Choose SMARTLIVE Program (Steady Growth)?

Stable Returns

Ideal for first-time investors or those looking for a steady growth path. Initial investment: 90%

Lower Risk

A moderate risk profile helps safeguard your investment against significant volatility.


A low entry point of $250 makes it easy to start your investment journey.

Easy managements

User-friendly environment with fast access to investments, statistics, financial transactions and many more.

Ready to grow your wealth with zero risk?

Join the SMARTLIVE Program (Steady Growth) today and start your journey towards financial stability.