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New Funding Generation!

Boost your account limitless up to 200 000 USD and earn from your evaluation phase.

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How It Works?

Uncover your financial success pathway with our straightforward four-step process. From acquiring your account to reaping your efforts' rewards, we guide you at every stage.

1. Acquire a BOOST X100 account

Begin your financial journey by acquiring a BOOST X100 account. Tailored to elevate your trading capabilities, this account is your first stride towards an unlimited trading experience.

2. Start your 2-Step Challenge

Embark on the two-step challenge, designed to test your trading strategies under real conditions. Each phase brings you closer to your goal, providing the perfect setting to showcase your prowess.

3. Complete your Challenge without breaching any rule

Precision is your pathway to progression. Complete your challenge by adhering to all established rules. This stage proves your ability to trade with discipline and strategy, essential qualities for a successful trader.

4. Obtain your Funded Account + 10% of the generated profit + FXLIVE Funded Certificate

Successfully completing your challenge earns you not just a funded account up to $200,000 USD but also 10% of the profits generated during the challenge phase, plus your FXLIVE Funded Certificate. It's recognition of your skill, effort, and dedication.

Simple as this?

No, even simpler...
You will have access to 1 coverage deposit per phase equivalent to x10 and x8 respectively. You can use it in case you fill your account is on risk to be disqualified. Save time and efforts reacting on time. (*this chance is available only once, so take right decision)

Fx Live Capital Challenges Types

Our programs are tailored made based in the most required product on the industry. It’s simplicity and authenticity provides to the traders a comfortable environment with a plently flexibility, your choose either BOOST X100 or FUNDED X10 will improve your return probability no matter whats the stage you are.


Accelerated Growth
  • Account Balance: Deposit X100 Times
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Consistency Rules: Yes

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  • Maximum Daily Loss: P1->5% P2->4%
  • Maximum Loss Overall: P1->10% P2->8%
  • Profit Target: P1->10% P2->5%
  • News Trading: No High Impacts News (Red flags)
  • Challenge Phase: 2
  • Minimum Trading days: 5
  • Price: flexible price decided by the trader
  • Challenge Phase Profit Share: 10%
BOOST X100 is crafted for those aiming for steady advancement while embracing dynamic challenges. With clear profit goals and consistency rules to guide your strategy, this program boosts your deposit by 100 times, giving you the leverage to fast-track your earnings with managed risk exposure.
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Expanded Potential
  • Account Balance: Deposit X10 Times
  • Minimum Deposit: $1000
  • Consistency Rules: Yes

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  • Maximum Daily Loss: 10%
  • Maximum Loss Overall: 10%
  • News Trading: No High Impacts News (Red flags)
Embrace the FUNDED X10 program, where we empower you to take your trading to new heights. Leverage an account balance increased tenfold from your initial deposit, and aim for ambitious targets backed by clear rules and a focus on consistent, disciplined trading.
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Key benefits you enjoy as an investor in LIVECAPITAL INVESTMENTS

Diversified Investment Opportunities
Access to a wide array of investment opportunities across different asset classes, sectors, and geographies not easily accessible to individual investors.
Professional Management
Benefit from the expertise of experienced investment managers who have the knowledge and skills to make informed investment decisions.
Potential for Higher Returns
The investment strategies including the use of leverage and derivatives, can offer the potential for higher returns compared to traditional investment vehicles.
Liquidity Access
the specific liquidity provisions provide a structured and flexible way for investors to access their funds, based on the program they choose.
Alignment of Interests
As your partner in financial freedom, your success is our only path to achievement. Therefore, we are fully dedicated to our singular goal: your success.
Educational Resources and Support
We elevate your investment experience by keeping you informed about the latest market trends and stages. Our commitment is to empower you with knowledge.

Starting with as little as $250, you can embark on a journey towards financial growth and stability.

Bacome our Partner!

Scale your revenues with our dynamic affiliate program! Thrilling earnings are on the horizon with our referral program! We are firmly convinced of the significant impact that collaboration can have and are eager to uncover potential opportunities together.

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Secure Foundations
  • 5% commission
  • Direct referred only
  • Daily withdrawal
  • Access to 5% Discount Coupon
Join our Affiliate program and secure your financial base with a dependable 5% commission on direct referrals. Get started today and grow with us!
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Ambassador Junior

Growth Catalyst
  • Minimum sales: 30*
  • 10% commission direct
  • 5% indirect up to two levels
  • Daily withdrawal
  • Access to 10% Discount Coupon
Step up as an Ambassador Junior and ignite your growth with up to 10% direct commission and 5% on two levels down. Your path to elevated earnings starts here!
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Ambassador Pro

Peak Performance
  • Minimum sales: 60*
  • 15% commission direct
  • 5% indirect up to five levels
  • Daily withdrawal
  • Access to 20% Discount Coupon
Embrace the role of Ambassador Pro, where your efforts are rewarded with up to 15% direct commission and 5% across five levels. Reach the pinnacle of affiliate earning potential with us!
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