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Maximum Returns for the Bold Investor


The MAXLIVE Program is the pinnacle of what LIVECAPITAL INVESTMENTS offers, targeting bold investors with a vision for maximum returns. With an ambitious annual return range of 35-40%, this program is tailored for those who pursue the highest rewards and are prepared for the associated risks.

Account Features

  • 24% to 28% Yearly Return
  • Minimum Days Holding: 360 days
  • Minimum Investment: $2000
  • Liquidity Access: Weekly withdrawals (returns)

How It Works

The Ultra Program involves strategic investments in high-growth potential opportunities, including but not limited to, emerging markets, venture capital, and aggressive stock positions. Our expert team employs advanced analysis and leverages industry insights to identify and capitalize on these high-reward investments.

Why the MAXLIVE Program?


For investors who aim for the highest possible returns and understand the risks involved.

Strategic Investment Approach

Utilizes sophisticated investment strategies to target high returns such as Statistical Arbitrage and Pair Trading.

Exclusive Opportunities

Access to high-potential investments not readily available to the public.

Ready to grow your wealth with low risk?

Join the MAXLIVE Program (Steady Growth) today and start your journey towards financial stability.