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MT4 Trading Platform

Experience the Power of Global Trading

Join the ranks of successful traders with MT4, your gateway to over 700 trading instruments and more than 80 analytical tools. Get round-the-clock, 24/5 customer support, and stay informed with real-time market updates. All accessible on ANY device, anytime, anywhere. Start your trading journey with MT4 today!

For personal computers and smartphones

9 Reason why to use MT4

User-Friendly Interface
MT4's interface is intuitive, making it accessible for novices yet robust enough for seasoned traders. Its logical navigation and customizable layout simplify the trading process.
Advanced Charting Tools
MT4's sophisticated charting is a standout feature, offering an array of technical indicators and graphical objects for in-depth market examination, enhancing your analytical capabilities.
Expert Advisors (EAs)
The platform's support for EAs automates trading, enabling the execution of strategies without continuous manual oversight, a boon for those seeking efficiency.
Tailor MT4's interface to your trading style with custom indicators and scripts, ensuring a personalized experience that aligns with your strategies and goals.
Wide Range of Markets
Access an extensive array of trading markets with MT4, including Forex, commodities, and indices, catering to a broad spectrum of trading interests.
Strong Analytical Tools
Equipped with multiple timeframes and an arsenal of technical indicators, MT4's analytical tools offer traders detailed insights for informed decision-making.
Community and Support
Benefit from a vast MT4 user community that provides an abundance of resources like custom tools and educational content, particularly valuable for new entrants.
Prioritizing your data's security, MT4 encrypts information exchanged with servers and incorporates RSA digital signatures to safeguard your trading activities.
Mobile Trading
Embrace the flexibility of mobile trading with MT4, which enables you to manage your trading activities and stay connected to the markets, wherever you are.

Enjoy a High Performance and Low latency environment

Low latency is important in forex trading due to the facte it enables faster and more efficient trade execution, reduces slippage, enhances the effectiveness of algorithmic trading strategies, provides a competitive advantage, increases the profitability of high-frequency trading, and improves risk management.

We back up! Stable connectivity with minimal latency from every point of the world.

Different Order Types

Fill Policy


This policy applies primarily to market orders (both Buy and Sell), as well as limit and stop limit orders when trading in Exchange Execution mode. For limit and stop limit orders, it is also relevant in Market Execution and Exchange Execution modes.


An Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order is a directive to purchase or sell that mandates full or partial execution at once, canceling any portion of the order that cannot be filled immediately.


A Fill or Kill (FOK) order must be executed in its entirety immediately upon placement or not executed at all.

Protection Orders

Stop Loss

There are two variants of stop-loss orders: one for buying and one for selling. Sell-stop orders secure long positions by initiating a market sell if the price falls below a set level. Buy-stop orders safeguard short positions by triggering if the price escalates above a preset threshold.

Take Profit

A take-profit order specifies the precise price at which an open position should be closed to capture a profit. Its use eliminates the need for manual trade execution, reducing the trader’s active management.

Pending Orders


A limit order is an instruction to buy or sell a security at a specified or more favorable price. Although the execution price is assured, the completion of the order is not guaranteed unless the security’s price meets the set criteria.


A stop order activates when a security reaches a predetermined price point, transforming into a market order to execute at the best current price.

Stop Limit

A stop-limit order is set with two prices: the stop price, which changes the order into a sell order, and the limit price, which ensures that the order only fills at the specified limit price or better.

Technical Trading Features

MT Cloud Solution

The MT Cloud Solution offers a cost-efficient approach for managing MT4 and MT5 server expenses, including integration and administration. It’s ideal for purposes like Strategy Backtesting.

MQL Sources

The MQL4/MQL5 community provides an extensive array of automated trading solutions, indicators, and scripts for market analysis and executing automated actions.

Trading Signals

The “Signals” service enables the automatic replication of trades from skilled traders directly into your account, complete with detailed statistics and comprehensive trade history.

Strategy Tester

The Strategy Tester utility allows for testing and optimizing Expert Advisors. It supports backtesting strategies across various market assets and timeframes.

Mastering MetaTrader: Your Questions Answered

Embarking on the MetaTrader journey? We've compiled a list of the most common queries to help streamline your trading experience. Whether it's downloading the platform, understanding its features, or diving into cryptocurrency trading, our FAQ section is here to guide you every step of the way with FXLIVECAPITAL.
  • Downloading MetaTrader

    To download MetaTrader, visit an FXLIVECAPITAL’s website that offers it. Installation is simple: execute the downloaded file and follow the prompts. Versions are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

  • Cost of Using MetaTrader

    MetaTrader itself is free for individual traders. Keep in mind, trading costs such as spreads and commissions may apply, as well as fees for any extra services or tools from FXLIVECAPITAL.

  • Setting Up a Trading Account

    Register with FXLIVECAPITAL to open your trading account. Once registered and funded, you’ll receive credentials to access MetaTrader.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

    FXLIVECAPITAL enables cryptocurrency trading on MetaTrader 24/4.

  • Understanding Expert Advisors

    Expert Advisors are automated systems that trade on your behalf on MetaTrader based on set parameters, facilitating automated trading.

  • Installing Custom Indicators

    To install custom indicators, place the files into MetaTrader’s ‘Indicators’ directory. After restarting the platform, the indicators will be available in the navigator.

  • MetaTrader on Mobile

    FXLIVECAPITAL provides MetaTrader apps for both iOS and Android, available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Practicing with MetaTrader

    Yes, FXLIVECAPITAL offers demo accounts that simulate real trading on MetaTrader, allowing you to practice without financial risk.

Ready to Trade? The Markets Await You!

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, FX Live Capital is your launchpad to the trading markets. Register to unlock a world of opportunities or log in to continue your market conquest.